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Club Fitting

TaylorMade Experiential Fittings

At the intersection of experience and performance, TaylorMade Experiential Fittings combine the most advanced technologies available with the intricacies of a player’s swing to unify the golfer to their clubs. Taking decades of experience working with the best players on the PGA Tour and translating it to thousands of specific amateur swings, our certified fitters are the best in the business when it comes to discovering potential through optimizing equipment.

myFittingExp connects the golfer to their personal clubfitting experience, enabling users to access all of their performance data along with expert club recommendations to help analyze and improve their games.

To build a closer relationship between the golfer, the fitter, and the entire clubfitting experience, TaylorMade’s Experiential team developed and launched a new web-based platform where online bookings, data-driven feedback, and expert analysis come together in one location. myFittingExp focuses on the journey of the golfer in an effort to showcase the innovative technologies available to them through TaylorMade.

TaylorMade fittings will be by appointment only.

All fittings must be made a minimum 24 hours in advance on the online portal.

Your Set

Discover Your Ideal Set

TaylorMade prides itself on being the industry leader in equipment technology, never launching a new product unless it is measurably better than what came before. myFittingExp presents an opportunity for all golfers to put new clubs to the test against their current set to prove that new TaylorMade technology leads to improved performance.

myFittingExp makes the club fitting journey easier for the golfer from start to finish. To book a fitting, golfers will either receive an invitation email from their golf pro or they can go to myFittingExp to search for upcoming events. Before an Experiential fitting event, golfers will log on to their myFittingExp account to build out their profile with info like handicap, current clubs, and other valuable insights so the fitter knows as much about their golf game as possible before the appointment.

During the fitting, certified TaylorMade fitters will process complex fitting data using state-of-the-art launch monitors to determine what club, shaft, and spec modifications to recommend to the golfer. Working through a series of club combinations and adjustments, each golfer will be fit into their ideal set of clubs to maximize their performance.

Experience At Its Best

Handled by the pros

After a fitting, each golfer’s individual data is automatically synced to their online profile—a benefit only offered by TaylorMade. On their personal profile, they can see in-depth launch monitor data, advanced performance metrics, view club recommendations from our Experiential staff, and order products that weren’t purchased during the event. TaylorMade’s fitting platform delivers Tour-level experiences with the latest fitting technology to completely connect the golfer to their clubs and create a new level of confidence in their game.

Data Driven

Play Data-Driven Feedback

While myFittingExp provides golfers with a direct connection to their fitting data, the webpage also offers local club professionals an easy-to-use interface to seamlessly manage upcoming fitting events. With myFittingExp’s online booking system, golf professionals can schedule events, book new appointments, and quickly order new clubs to give their members an efficient and thorough experience. Easy online management of the fitting schedule enables club professionals to modify appointments in realtime and keep an up-to-date fitting list to ensure the fitting representative and the club professionals are completely aligned ahead of the fitting event.

Golf is a game of continual exploration and TaylorMade’s Experiential team with myFittingExp exists as an active guide for all who seek to improve their game and discover what they are capable of achieving tomorrow.

Visit to create your online profile today, and talk to your golf professional to schedule a fitting appointment with a TaylorMade Experiental representative.