Saturday Mens Club

Saturday Mens Club

Dues:  $60.00

Guaranteed Weekly Tee Times Early Saturday Mornings and Holidays

Looking for a fun group of guys to play a little golf with. Well we have you covered!

We put this short informational sheet together to help you understand and enjoy your Men’s Club.

WSGA Handicap for Non Edgewood Members may be purchased separately:  $35.00

What your dues go towards:

In addition to blocking out early guaranteed tee times on Saturdays and holidays that generally start around 7:00 AM your dues also cover several other benefits and events:

  • 4 free beer days
  • 2 picnics with food with cash hole prizes on every hole
  • Flighted Match Play tournament with cash prizes


Please fill in your name on next week’s signup sheet that is located in the pro shop. If you are unable to sign up please call the pro shop as early as possible to request a tee time for the following weeks play. Depending on the time of year, tee times are usually available from 6:52 am to 8:44 a.m. If for some reason you are unable to make your tee time, please notify the pro shop as soon as possible.


We have a number of weekly events that are available to each player. Each member must enter the weekly event listed on the schedule, putts, and Stroker (Net Skins based on your handicap) currently $12.00. The optional events are: Birdies, Par 3’s, and No-Stroker (Gross Skins without handicap). Maximum cash layout would be $20 is you entered every event.

You may choose to play either White or Gold Tees. Handicap will be adjusted accordingly.

Event definitions:

Putts: Usually there a total of 6-8 long putt cards, if you make a putt that is longer than the location of the card, put your name on card and place it at the spot you holed your putt. The last group is responsible for picking up the cards.




April 30
Individual Low Net
Men's Club Meeting
May 7
9 Blind Holes
Sign up for Events in Events Book!
May 14
Sign up for Lobacz Scramble
May 21
Two Man Best Ball - Blind Draw
Golf Pro makes teams after you tee off
May 28
Flag Day - Saturday
Par on Front Nine Plus 1/2 your HDCP
May 30
Flag Day - Memorial Day - Monday
Par on Front Nine Plus 1/2 your HDCP
June 4
Last sign up for Lobacz Scramble
June 11
Leonard Lobacz Scramble
Day 1 - Beer Day + Food
June 12
Leonard Lobacz Scramble
Day 2
June 18
Individual Low Net
June 25
Yellow Ball
2 Man Yellow BB, 2 Man BB, Hole Prizes + Beer
July 2
Flag Day - Official
Par on Front Nine plus 1/2 your HDCP
July 4
Monday, July 4th - Flag Day
Par on Front Nine plus 1/2 your HDCP
July 9
2 Man Scramble
Golf pro picks teams based on Hdcp
July 16
Members Tournament Round 1
July 17
Members Tournament Round 2
July 23
Individual Low Net
July 30
Lone Ranger
Sign up Proshop Door 4 Members Tournament
Aug 6
Sign up deadline for Mens Club Scramble
Aug 13
Mens Club Scramble
Day 1 - Beer Day + Food
Aug 14
Mens Club Scramble
Day 2 - Elect officers for next year
Aug 20
One Best Ball of Foursome
Aug 27
Individual Low Net
Sept 3
Sept 5
Monday - Flag Day - Labor Day
Par on Front Nine plus 1/2 your HDCP
Sept 10
Lone Ranger
Sept 17
Individual Low Net
Sept 24
2 Man 1 Best Ball
Hole prizes, keep track of putts + beer/drinks
Sept 30
EGC Shoot-Out
Friday - 3pm Tee Off