League Schedules & Course Rotation

Giving You 36 Reasons to Visit !!

Having 36 holes is a huge plus. Each League rotates the nine holes that they play.
You have the opportunity to experience all four nines.

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Local Course Rules:

  • No metal spikes allowed.
  • Mandatory carts on the Oaks back 9.
  • Mon.-Thur. carts are required on the Oaks course till 3:00 p.m.
  • Fri.-Sun. carts are required on the Oaks course till 5:00 p.m.
  • All players must have a set of clubs.
  • No fivesomes.
  • Coolers and carry-on beverages are strictly prohibited.
  • Keep carts away from tees and slopes of greens.
  • All players must keep pace avoiding slow play. 2:15 per nine holes.
  • Out of bounds is beyond all white stakes, fences and on road left of Pines #5
  • Relief may be taken from cart paths and maintenance paths.
  • Please rake sand traps, replace divots and repair ball marks.

Additional League Rules:

  • No half price cart rentals.
  • League players should pay the League Treasurer.
  • The League Treasurer will then pay Edgewood in the form of a single check.
  • Payments are due promptly by the due date.
  • Failure to pay by the due dates will result in cancellation of entire league.
  • League reservations will be made in groups of even foursomes. Such as 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, etc.
  • Inclement Weather Policy. If the golf course is closed due to inclement weather each league will be extended an extra week. If the League President decides to play the entire league will be required to play. No Rain Dates will be issued on an individual basis. The League President may decide to take a rain date but must do so as an entire league.
  • The league must provide a roster of members complete with email information for all golfers before the first week of play.
  • Leagues are responsible for having the correct number of players each week. They should have an adequate list of substitute players to allow for absentees. There will be no make ups for absent players.
  • Leagues will be required to play a minimum of 12 weeks.
  • If you decide to cancel or reduce the size of your league, your deposit will be refunded, if your league time slot is filled by another league.